Chettinad Mutton Curry

Chettinad Mutton Curry

Recently i was looking mutton curry and came to look at yummytummy came very authentic chettinad goes well with idli, dosa, roti, poori....but for rice, I wouldn't suggest. But if you prefer to make a curry for side dish, this one is for you. You will never regret.


Baby Food Chart_Up to one Year

During 1st to 4th month:

I fed only breast milk and formula milk

During 5th month:

Cerelac - Stage 1
Black jaggery/ Karupatti
Apple - steamed and pureed
Banana - Pureed ( normal big ones, later kerala banana)
Pomegranate juice

During 6th month

Idli ( Pureed and mixed with dates / black jaggery)
Rice - Powdered and cooked
Sweet Potato
Kerala banana
Haldi / Turmeric powder

During 7th month

Mashed Idli
Avacardo ( can be given in 6th month onwards)
Beet root
Pepper and jeera powder (spice)
Green Peas

During 8th month

I included spices like turmeric, garlic, pepper, jeera, salt, cinnamon powder, ajwain powder while cooking Dal and vegetables.
Curd (optional) I stopped in between as he got UTI!
Chicken stock
Raisins puree
One tbln of normal Sambar to be added to idli
Barley water - But he was allergic so stopped.

During 9th month

Tender coconut ( you can start from 6th month onwards) Very healthy!
Breast chicken pieces - He has rashes and been fussy next day so I stopped.
Green chillies ( Mixed with dal/ragi)
Sambar rice
Rasam dal rice
Egg yolk
Sago (Powdered)
Curd (Stated again)

During 10th to 12th month

I gave various Idli with dates/jaggery, oats, rava, ragi for breakfast. Rice with curry/dal/sambar/rasam/curd/egg/black eyed beans for lunch. Cerelac with fruit purees for dinner.

Ashwath's Food Guide

  • From 7th month onwards, I used spinach and curd for puring vegetables.
  • From 7th month, i didnt use the rice powder instead directly cooked the rice and mashed it to get texture.
  • Added rasins water, dates puree, jaggery water tp oats, rava and dal for sweetnes.
  • Added spinach to cerelac and fed him in the morning. this is light breakfast.
  • From 7th month, I prepared chicken stock with onion, ginger garlic paste, salt, pepper etc.
  • I used pomegranate juice for puring fruits.
  • From 7th month onwards, I added channa dal powder to the oasts, rava, ragi porridge.
  • He was not allergic to egg yolk, so gave him almost every day mixed with ragi, cerelac, dal rice.
  • From 9th month, gave him rasam, dal and rice combo. He used to like the veggie suzi which I used to make for chappati.
  • From one yr ahead started to give everything one by one.
  • Snacks like biscuit rusk apple sauce vada potato mash veg mash cerelac with fruits/ bananas from 1 yrs to 2 yrs.
  • Milk shakes with musk melon carrot
  • Mango slices from 2 yrs onwards
  • He likes dosa, with sambar , dal tadka, chicken curry, mixed veg curry which mom cooks. 
  • He likes mom's coriendar chutney and sweet lime pickle with curd rice very much
  • We grind the lady finger curry and garlic curry to feed him
  • He eats prawn, fish but not very much he likes.
  • He eats on spoon of honey daily..he likes them very much.
  • He likes boiled mashed potato with salt, garam masal very much with curd rice at 1.5 yrs
  • He has atleast 1/2 middle food in morning and evening before lunch and dinner.
  • From two yrs again v gave calcium vitamin iron complimentary
  • V gave orange juice dailt during season
  • Mom prepared pepper pattai ginger juice which prevents in cold cougg
  • From 25months mom cuts egg whites in small pieces he eats himself
  • He like small bytes of vegetables
  • He eats 20 pieces of pomegranate fruit.  He like it very much.
  • V gave pasta at 25 month he liked it a lot.  He like noodles also by then
  • Till two year he eats dosa with sambar but at 25 months v gave eith tomato chutney by watery and also idli podi.
  • Certain curries its best to grind and give with curd rice.
  • From 2 yrs he started to eat slices of cucumber and his fav finger food aling with chacos.
  • From 2 years, he got almost all his teeth, he liked apple with honey, biscuits, cashews, groundnuts, all kara snacks, banana, vada with sambar, white egg, he bites small pieces of guava fruit ( all his middle food) 
  • He like hot milk with horlicks or with rose milk occasionally from 2yrs only..not a milk man..:)
  • He started to eat semiya upma from 2 years...
  • Almost we stopped cerelac from 2 yrs..he dint like to eat it


Home made Baby Food Receipes

To be updated as and when added.....

Avacardo Puree

Pics says it all....The final black shows the ripen avacardo which will be very soft when touched.

Just fork out the pulp and mash it. 

Vegetable puree ( any kinda of vegetables or combination of veggies): i pureed the vegetable till end of 6th month. Then I mashed the vegetables.

1. cut the veggies into small pieces
2. Add little water to the veggies and as well in the cooker vessel.
3. Cook for about 10 min to 15 min or 10 to 12 whistles.
4. Either mash it or puree in the blender

Dal Puree ( any kinda of Dal)

1. I have used one scoop of Dal
2. Add 1 tumbler of water and for three scoop add 2.5 tumbler of water.
3. Cook for about 7 to 15 min for one to three scoop.
4. If not cooked, keep again for one whistle.
5. Initially i was filtering the dal and giving the water and after he got used to the taste, I cook well and blend it or mash it well.

Angur Theratchai

Herbal for Baby

I have showed masakkai, dry ginger, vasambu, jaathikaai. I make paste out of it and give him along withgrape juice (prepared above) or with gripe water...

Vegetable puree ( any kinda of vegetables or combination of veggies)

1. cut the veggies into small pieces. I have shown carrot and potato here.
2. Add little water to the veggies and as well in the cooker vessel. Add a pod of garlic and haldi during 6th month as advised by my Dr.
3. Cook for about 10 min to 15 min or 10 to 12 whistles.
4. Either mash it or puree in the blender

Oats Powder/ Porridge


Initially during 6th month, I cooked the leaves in little water and blended. After that I filtered the extract. At the end of 7th month, I didnt filtered. I pressure cooked the leaves with spices and direclty added to the baby food like rice and cerelac.


Till 6th month , I powdered the rice and then cooked in water. From 7th month, I directly cooked in pressure cooker and mashed it with hand while it is hot and mixed with vegetables. It gave me a good textures which will enable baby to learn to swallow.

Kerala Banana

1. Peel the skin and deseed the banana  and cut into small pieces as shown below. Pressure cook like steam method as shown in first pic. Then puree it in the blender. I added the pomegranate juice in the banana while blending.

Desseeded Dates

From the 6th month, I added dates puree to idli, rava and oats. I cooked 6 no of dates in pressure cooker like steam boil method and puree it in blender. I filtered in sieve and made a thick puree.


Soak the rice overnight. In the pressure pan, add rice, moog dal, garlic, salt, pepper, jeera, cinnamon, ajwain, turmeric, any vegetables. add water and cook for about 10 min. It will be nicely mashed. Add ghee while feeding the baby.

All About Ashwath _ Naughitness overloaded

Hi All,

This post is all about my son Ashwath Amudhan. I can share this to my son when he grow into big boy and so all his childhood memories can be replenished.
  • He likes chu chu ua song from 8 months. It was a saver for me while feeding him.
  • Till one year, his smiles are very cute with his dimple.
  • He likes dal rice with ghee very much.
  • Later he started to eat egg and likes the white portion very much than the yellow one.
  • He is very fond of vehicles..he learnt those words first.
  • he plays with his mama car always
  • he very cutely tells no with his cute face reaction
  • the words like diaper, jatti, antenna,myna, eemu , umbrella were pronounced beautiful.
  • he shakes his legs and hands for any kuthu songs.
  • He knows to tell alphabets from 1.10yrs. He know number from. 1 to 10 himself when he was 2 .
  • When he was 2 yrs be use to get fond of School bus and tells tat freq. We. Asked wat he does in school. He tells book.
  • He has good memory power wen he is small. He learns one thing next day he remembers it. He knows one object he takes it from there next day correctly.
  • he tells word Chu chu and toilet 🚽 wen he was 2.
  • He likes unjjal and slides very much.
  • When he is 25 months, we took him to timezone wher he like playing car, scooter, airlpkane etc.  he enjoyed his first ride very much.
  • at 24 months, he started to reply back to ur questions..
  • when we say dum dum, he say doctor. 
  • he likes to dance and sings dicka chika dinka chika..and shakes his legs..
  • his first friends are kiran, salomi, sanvi (sangi as he pronounces), satvik anna, mahi akka, 
  • when 25 months, he started to remove his trouser and say chu chu and v take him to bathroom..
  • and before goign toilet, he tells and stands in one place..
  • he says only twinkle twinkle little star at 25 months..
  • he tells most of the animals, vehicles, things at home when he sees them..
  • he tells monkey jumping and starts jumping which he learnt from his friend sanvi
  • he simple falls from his cycle and tells acho achoc cho...and sits in floor and calls out mummy..and expects me to lift him..and tells dumo dumo..LOL
  • wherver v go, we take his cars so that we can be in peace :)
  • he likes to taste different food every time esp spicy unlike his MOM...ROFL
  • He always says thaka thaka..thanga thaka since 25 months... 
  • He says Johnny  Johnny rhymes four lines, good night, twinkle twinkle by 28 months.
  • He sings ringa ringa roses two lines
  • He says thanni saptta poochi... 
  • He started to say thoo thoo then thoongu for sleeping  
After 2 years, his speaking skills was inproving day by day...he responds to all our questions..

1. he started to say papathi and now it comes to chaaapaaathi....
2. he says while speaking...." the...the...the..."
4. when his mom not responding, he calls amma daddy...ROLF...very cunning..
5. he says when someone is (injection).....tonic....strength....
6. wehn his mama rides car fast, he says mama "no fast"...mama gap gap"..
7. he cries and he says ayyo kannu kanneerru...then he expects someone to wipe it to make him stop
8. as soon as he sees camera, he blinks his eye (almost closes), he shys, he smilles like eeeeee but very difficult to get him clickled....
9. he likes to see his own video which his mom keeps recording..:)
10. every night he wants to hear story..he tells, aachi story aachi story...
11. if anything we are talking seriously, or hears any dum sound suddently, he asks amma ennachi..payapu...
12. if i say teacher scolds, he keeps shut..ROFL

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